Meet Vivian

On November 29th, 2022 we took our beautiful 9 year old daughter , Vivian , to the doctor for a flu virus she picked up at a sleepover.  All of the other girls got better in a few days, but we were 3 weeks in and she still was not feeling well.  The doctor felt she may have pneumonia and sent us to Centennial Children’s hospital for further x-rays.  We were admitted and told she needed a couple of days of antibiotics and they were going to do a CT scan “just to be safe”.

Within 10 minutes, the head of oncology was in our room telling us that our beautiful and perfectly healthy baby girl had Lymphoma.  He said we were being moved to the oncology floor, she would have a biopsy the next day and chemo would start that weekend.  Our whole world was turned upside down in an instant. 

We navigated telling our 19 and 11 year old sons that their sister had cancer and called our immediate family to deliver the news.  When all of the testing was done, we were told Vivian had T Cell Lymphoma that  - PRAISE THE LORD – had not spread past her chest.  She did not have any cancer cells in her organs, bone marrow or spinal fluid.  While this was great news, the treatment news that followed was another life altering blow.  

Our precious baby girl would have 2 years - AT MINIMUM - of chemo to treat her for this horrible disease.  While her remission rate is well over 90% - the length of the treatment and severity of it would take its toll.  The next 2 years of her childhood will be filled with chemo, medicines, hospital stays and sickness.  Her world has been completely rocked.  

In March 2023, Vivian has had severe responses to chemo resulting in months long hospital admissions, chemo toxicity, time on a ventilator and having to learn to walk again.  In May, we were told to call our family in to tell her goodbye and truly witnessed a miracle through the power of prayer as our sweet girl fought her way back to us. 

Vivian is now entering Interim Maintenance after a three month pause on chemo and we are beginning the final stretch of her journey.  We are still pressing into Jesus. prayer and believing our girl has beat this disease.  She is currently in remission and has approx. 20 more months of chemo to go – if we do not have any more holds due to side effects.  

Vivian wanted to create something that would bring hope and strength to other children and families during their battle.  With that dream in mind, we partnered with some amazing board members to create this foundation and practically walk out the idea in Vivian’s heart.